Oracle Migration Services

Many organizations who are experiencing pressure to reduce costs and consolidate vendors are beginning to question the wisdom of supporting multiple RDBMS' within their IT estate. With Oracle recognized as an industry leading database, there is a clear trend towards migration of legacy applications and databases to the Oracle database. We are pleased to offer a solution to organizations feeling these pressures in the form of the Databloom Migration Program.

Databloom offers migration to Oracle databases particularly for customers using older versions of Oracle, and those using alternative databases. Our migration service helps our customers through building upon Oracle supplied tools and Databloom derived best practices. These practices are gathered from numerous RDBMS migration projects to accelerate and guide customers through migration.

Parallel Run

With any migration comes an element of concern, perhaps none more so than during a database migration. Therefore, for many customers an essential part of any migration process where critical applications are concerned is the ability to perform parallel running. The Databloom migration program allows for parallel running through the implementation of Oracle GoldenGate replication. GoldenGate is a proven heterogeneous replication platform, additionally allowing for pre-switchover comparisons of data for assurance through the use of the Veridata function.

Flexibility Of Choice

Customers can choose where they would like the migration to occur, as Databloom provide on-site or remote migration services. Where remote migration services are required we can offer a secure development capability by using Data Masking as part of the solution to anonymize customer data before it is delivered to the Databloom development environment. Alternatively, customers can use Data bloom’s development platform, as a Cloud based platform for development, including a collaborative development environment.

Throughout re-development and re-platforming Databloom are able to assist with architecture design, ensuring the most reliable and solution possible.