Hadoop Support

We help you implement large scale applications based on search and Big Data technologies.

Unstructured content is fundamentally different from structured data and must be prepared appropriately for use in big data analysis applications. Search Technologies has unrivaled experience with unstructured content processing. The technologies and processes involved are common to enterprise search and business insight applications.

The keys to creating insight from unstructured content are: derived metadata provenance, process transparency, creating an agile environment, and complexity control.

Start discovering greater insights with big data

Databloom has been engineering and fine-tuning our search and data analytics solutions for customers across the globe. Our experienced consultants and analytics experts will be on your side, from strategic planning to implementing, and supporting your application.

Our big data consulting and implementation services start with understanding your needs and assessing your technology infrastructure before devising a strategy for implementation.

Readiness assessment to lay out your business objectives and technical requirements, including optimal architectures, enrichment necessities, and technology options
Consulting for Hadoop and search applications
Data enrichment and transformation processes for structured and unstructured content
Managed services for search and big data analytics applications to ensure security, agility, and performance

We’re into Hadoop in a big way, and we can provide skilled staff to assist customers with Hadoop-based projects at competitive daily rates.

See how you can leverage big data applications to gather insights and solve business challenges, contact us.