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Oracle Testing Services

Oracle Real Application Testing, and Oracle Application Testing Suite (ATS) allow organizations to more effectively manage change and the testing that it necessitates. Systems are becoming increasingly complicated and businesses are demanding an even greater rate of change and innovation leading to more pressure on traditional manual testing to keep up.

Reduce Risks and Costs

By using more controlled, more automated, testing procedures it is possible to reduce the risks associated with testing whist at the same time cutting costs by streamlining and automating the testing, and reducing the costs associated with fixes to live systems.

Infrastructure Change Protection

Oracle Real Application Testing reduces the risks that are incurred by only testing a fraction of the data values. Most organizations are only able to test at this level as they use manual regression testing, a time consuming procedure which leaves the testing of upgraded software largely incomplete.

Oracle Real Application Testing provides a solution to this by capturing the real workload from production systems and allowing them to be seamlessly played back against test systems. This allows for complete regression testing in hours as opposed to weeks or months, and leads to reduced risks and eliminated costs, whilst allowing organizations to evolve faster to take advantage of new technologies.