Oracle 12c Readiness Program

The Databloom offers an Oracle 12c Readiness Program to clarify how ready your business is to upgrade to the latest Oracle Database. Upgrading to Oracle 12c reduces downtime and increases staff productivity, meaning that it could be of great benefit to your business.

In order to see if you're ready to upgrade we check your databases to ensure that all information is correct. We also look at how effectively the current systems are working by performing an Oracle Health Check. This allows us to see which Databases are ready to upgrade, and which need to be remedied before the upgrade takes place. This is an important step in the upgrade process as it ensures that you will receive the best performance from your new software.

We also determine when it would be best for your business to perform the upgrade to 12c as this will vary depending on the type of organisation. For example, a university may need to upgrade in the summer as this is when they are the least busy. This will ensure that database performance is at its optimum when registration begins, a critical time for universities. Retailers, however, may need to upgrade after the winter months to ensure that they are ready in time for summer. Databloom is able to offer an upgrade to 12c when it suits your business best, provided that you are ready. The best way to confirm your readiness is by taking advantage of our 12c Readiness Program.