Oracle Upgrade Services

The Oracle Upgrade Program is designed to tackle the fears often associated with database server upgrades. Upgrades can be worrying for any organisation, but with Databloom those worries are tackled. Our team of experts work with you to eliminate risks, reduce costs, and improve timescales for the upgrading process.

Building on our experience

Databloom specialises in Oracle core technology, providing them with the knowledge needed to guide many clients through the upgrade process. We have worked with all kinds of technology and both small and large organizations, equipping us with the experience needed to provide successful upgrades in all environments.

We provide the Upgrade Program to all kinds of organization’s, including those with very large databases and those who are upgrading from older releases of the databases (9i,10g,11g). Some of our customers have high availability requirements, whilst others need a full platform migration. The relevant software in place might include RAC or Data Guard, for example.

Oracle Real Application Testing reduces the risks that are incurred by only testing a fraction of the data values. Most organization’s are only able to test at this level as they use manual regression testing, a time consuming procedure which leaves the testing of upgraded software largely incomplete.

Databloom's experience includes successful migrations across multiple platforms. Our team will advise on the most efficient, lowest risk, and lowest cost migration mechanism to suit your unique technical requirements. By working with you we develop the best plan for robust, fully featured testing of areas that can be automated and controlled by your administrators.

The Benefits of Choosing the Databloom Upgrade Program

The Databloom team work hard to help customers perform an upgrade, whilst also quantifying the benefits that upgrading provides.

The benefits to organizations include:
Resolving troublesome areas such as the overnight batch, or the quarterly reporting cycle
Showing the impact of the upgrade across the whole system
Providing a strong business case for the upgrade itself