Oracle Golden Gate Services

At Databloom we understand that when you purchase new software, you want to start gaining the benefits as soon as possible. Waiting for your software to be installed and configured can be frustrating, so we have developed a service that minimizes these delays. The Databloom team provides you with the expertise you need to get the most from your software quickly, and at low cost. We have made this service is available for Oracle Golden Gate.

Databloom offers migration to Oracle databases particularly for customers using older versions of Oracle, and those using alternative databases. Our migration service helps our customers through building upon Oracle supplied tools and Databloom derived best practices. These practices are gathered from numerous RDBMS migration projects to accelerate and guide customers through migration.

We plan the configuration of GoldenGate for your implementation; giving advice on initial replication (especially useful with larger data volumes), bandwidth analysis, planning advice and conflict resolution etc. Together with your employees, our team examines different scenarios running through how to troubleshoot and take administrative steps. In this way we give a thorough understanding of the software, fully informing your staff on how GoldenGate works.

In addition to this our service provides you with the analysis of existing implementations, enabling us to give advice on how they may be improved. We offer the replacement of Streams, Logical Standby, DataGuard Shareplex or other such technologies. If you have any areas of concern the Databloom team will offer you advice and work to address any intricacies of the solution for your environment.

Data bloom GoldenGate start up service:

Install and configure Oracle GoldenGate
Install & train staff on Golden Gate configuration, Replication setup,Data migration & Production support. (where licensed)
Optimized - Improve recovery time, utilize DR servers for other purposes to reduce load on production

Databloom has guided numerous clients with varied kinds of technology through their Disaster Recovery requirements. Our experience means we are well equipped to supply Disaster Recovery Planning to a wide range of organizations.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of Databloom's proactive database monitoring suite and support services in order to resolve issues before they become a problem. Taking precautions to prevent a disaster is far less expensive than recovering from one.